The Subtle Hint of the Dark Night of the Soul beginning

The Dark Night of the Soul journey starts with a nudge. A slight hint something isn’t right, or something is heading our way. It is best described as the smoke on the distant horizon or the first sounds of thunder from far away. I like to think of this initial phase as the tap on your shoulder from God/Universe to pay attention. The hint for the coronavirus was the first reports out of China. Then there were rumblings in the stock market as corporations and investors began to sense this was going to be disruptive to the economy. Still, others that have active spiritual practices may get messages of upcoming events. I was given the message in October that Mother Earth was angry and wanted to reduce the population. She showed me the image of a dog shaking water off its’ fur. I took this as a message that something significant was coming to reduce the population of the planet. After sharing with other psychic friends, I discovered that many also received similar messages. God was preparing us for this pandemic. It is very easy to miss the signs during this initial phase and usually it is looking past over the events that you can easily begin to put the clues into place. Many people in tune with their intuition will often recollect a feeling of doom just prior to the disruptive event. This first stage often triggers a sense of powerlessness as we begin to feel a lack of certainty. There isn’t a lot anyone can do during this phase other than to pay more attention and to prepare for the upcoming Dark Night of the Soul. The next phase is the event that puts everything into motion.

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