Warning: Share your talents or have a soul crash

We have all felt a deep desire to achieve something but then turned our attention away because we couldn't figure out how to make money doing it. Why is it in our society we will only follow impulses that we believe will make us money?

It seems to me that ignoring these buried desires is slapping the face of God. In essence, you are telling God and the universe, "Yeah I see my talents there, but you haven't shown me how to make a million dollars doing it so forget it."

Really? Is that the measuring stick you will use for all your endeavors?

I am the perfect example of this mindset. I forgot to feed my creative soul, and I ignored my gifts from God until the day it destroyed me.

In response to my 'face plant in life,' I picked up my stained glass tools. I could no longer live without making glass panels. Since then I have sold several, I have felt more vibrant and alive than I have in years, and can make a second career out of what might have been my first career.

And I hear you. The first thing you are saying is I'm not an artist; I'm not a singer; I can't dance, etc. But creativity is the act of creating. I am talking not just artistic but problem-solving, math solutions, counseling, etc. For instance, I am always in awe of people that can walk into chaos and organize it into sensical systems. I need someone to share that talent!

What deep down desires or talents have you ignored? What gifts are you ignoring that God gave you?

Warning Statement from a survivor... start using your talents and sharing before you have a soul crash.

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