Regeneration in the Dark Night of the Soul

Regeneration in the Dark Night of the Soul

Regeneration is where you finally emerge out of the Dark Night of the Soul. Through all the pain and loss, you begin to see who you have become and what you will do differently in this new life. You are no longer a NOBODY but somebody more aligned with your soul and your destiny. The purpose of life becomes clear and you have a new respect and understanding of the gifts and talents you have been given in this life.

During regeneration, you will see new opportunities and will be more flexible to follow them. Your previous expectations, goals, and values will fade away as the new set develops. Looking back you may find it hard to understand why you fought so hard to maintain a life that was not fulfilling. Why you lived the expectations of others instead of what was in your true nature. You will feel grateful for the events and the Dark Night experience as you awaken to a brighter future.

As your life changes, there are people that will not follow you beyond your journey. Some people will find it hard to embrace the new you and may even make you feel foolish for changing. As your life has changed so must many relationships. Many marriages and long-term relationships will end. Friends will choose to join you in this new life or criticize and abandon you. These endings are painful and may have you second-guessing the new direction your life has taken. However, returning to the old person results in once again going through the stages of the Dark Night of the Soul. God/Universe is persistent in getting you onto the right path. So once again surrender and embrace the new. Be joyous about the new possibilities and be willing to walk away from those people, places, and work that no longer serves your new purpose.

Congratulations you have made it through a rebirth as the Dark Night of Soul Journey comes to its conclusion. You will never forget the steps and the events that brought you to this collapse. However, you have a new understanding of your purpose, your talents, and the grace you were given to move forward. Having gone through the journey does not mean you will never return but you now have the understanding and the skills to make the journey quicker and less painful.

As the pandemic runs its course throughout the globe, I believe everyone, every country, every society, every city, and most of all every relationship is walking through the Dark Night of the Soul. Be assured you are not alone and understand this is an opportunity to right the wrongs and to build a new world that is compassionate, in alignment with nature and able to move forward. Remember to begin by Embracing the Suck.

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