Gestation in the Dark Night of the Soul

Congratulations! You made it through the messy parts. This next phase is where you begin to understand the possibilities that are now available because of the Disintegration phase. Here in Gestation, you have shed the old you, become a nobody, and are ready to see what you can become. The old roles and unproductive ways of coping have fallen aside and the new you is emerging.

During this phase, you may find yourself very curious. You will begin to question the very core of your belief systems and begin to reach out to learn different ways of thinking. You get inspiration from places that your ego never allowed you to consider. For instance, this pandemic is allowing everyone to stop and consider how they earn money and the true value of what they are doing. Many people are seriously considering changing careers, starting businesses, or just learning new ways to perform their old jobs.

You will also begin to notice opportunities and the pull of your destiny as your soul begins to shape the direction of your life. The soul destiny will begin to emerge, and you begin the process of merging this new way of thinking and being into the existing life that you have chosen to keep. For perhaps the first time in your life you are looking inside for the answers instead of for external gratification and other people's expectations.

As you begin to re-order your life you may also experience the release of old friends and activities. This can be challenging as the people you were close to either understand your changes or reject you. Either way, you must stay the course. Rely on your soul and intuition to guide you during what can be a lonely time. Giving in at this point only means you travel back into the dark night and repeat until the lessons are learned.

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