Starting a Bodacious Life

Celestial Beings representing my worlds in transition.

What happens when you finally step down from the carousel of your life? What occurs when an event turns you completely upside down and shoots you like a cannon ball out of your life? A lot! That’s what.

Suddenly you will find yourself standing in a very new and unfamiliar place. You will be standing in a circle of the remnants that were your life, your expectations, and your dreams. And within a single moment, you must decide to fall apart and resign to your fate or choose which remnant to pick up and which ones to leave behind you.

If you are resilient and decide to rebuild your life, the journey will require reaching into your inner self and talking to your soul. Because guess what? The universe has just given you a smack down, and the only one with the answers is you.

I always joke that my first impulse when catastrophe hits is a tour down the ‘River Denial.' I'm good at navigating that river. I can escape my torture by reading books for days or sitting through afternoons in the movie theater. I also can busy myself with projects and unlimited web browsing looking for answers. Eventually, those escapes become hollow, and it is time to begin the hard work and journey inward.

Don't get me wrong. Changing my life and mindset was no easy flip of the switch. Letting go of people, dreams, expectations (mine and others), and the collapse of everything I thought was true, were some of the deepest darkest moments of my life. The journey took me through nights of anguish, sobbing tears and eventually a discovery of strength I did not know I possessed. Had I not gone through the emotional hell, I would have never come out the other side. As my favorite quote from Winston Churchill goes, "When going through Hell, keep going."

Slowly ideas began to take hold. Memories of times when I felt the most like my true self-filled me with grace and energy. I learned to push away the things that drained my happiness and blocked my journey. Then, and only then, did I begin to emerge as my real self to create a new life.

Join me as I share creating a Bodacious Life for myself. I will share the insightful wisdom I gained from notable psychologists, life coaches, clergy and other aspiring rebuilders. I hope I can inspire, teach and most importantly give you the power to create your own Bodacious Life.

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