Personal Coaching Services


Are you currently in a life transition and wondering which direction to head? Maybe you have retired or left your full-time job. Perhaps an illness or drastic life change has you questioning the assumptions and expectations your were living.


Many people face these questions and struggles including myself. I have been there and know that getting back up can be difficult. When you do get back on your feet, be the better version of yourself. Be strong, confident, compassionate and self-assured. I will coach you through a life transition and walk you through the steps that reveal your true self and set you on a happier life.

One on One

I will work with you individually to uncover the barriers to you living a bodacious life. We will have a free, 30-minute introductory conversation to determine your needs, goals, and expectations. Afterward, I will define a personal coaching strategy to help you achieve a bodacious life.

Mastermind Groups

I love to work with groups of women. The power of the group to motivate, support and cheer cannot be matched. I collaborate with groups between four and eight because I like everyone to participate and grow. Together we will determine the schedule, length, and focus of the group.


I am available for presentations to groups of all sizes. I can customize a speech or share one of my many topics for your group.