Finding and living my
Bodacious Life

My name is Dawna Brown-Jarvis and I believe deep down, we all intuitively know our purpose. We don’t always listen to it, but we are aware. This is my awakening and the joy that has occurred since those dark days. 


One day in March 2015, my stress-filled life came to an abrupt stop. I felt I was evicted from the life I worked so hard to build. My job was gone, my friends, my money, and I was asked to move out of the house I was renting. I then unwittingly began a journey into what the Native Americans call the 'Dark Night of the Soul'.

Admittedly after months of hiding, wallowing in self-pity, and depression I looked up from my dark place and decided to rebuild my life on my terms. I started creating art again, creating friendships with new people, and studying every contemporary thought leader I could.  I spent three years studying psychology, spirituality, life coaching, and philosophy from some of the best contemporary leaders. I learned: 

•    Vulnerability and strength from Brene Brown
•    Archetypes and sacred contracts and spirituality from Carolyn Myss
•    Manifesting and spirituality from Wayne Dyer

•   Spirituality from the teachings of Shamans

•   Psychic intuition and mediumship from my contemporaries

Through my self-education and soul searching I had a spiritual awakening. I came to realize that I have the psychic abilities of claircognizance and clairsentience. I remembered things in my childhood where I had used these skills, but as I grew and matured I  pushed my psychic skills down and forgot about them. 


After completing my Dark Night Journey and rebirthing myself as an artist, and psychic intuitive, I find joy in helping people to heal and opening people to new ways of thinking about mind, body and soul.